Raising Your Dog the Right Way: Why Puppies Need Daily Exercise

October 17, 2017

Get up, get active and get moving with your puppers today!

Like humans, dogs require constant exercise. The frequency of this varies from one breed to another, but one factor stands out, canine friends need the exercise as much as you do. Furry Babies wants to outline some benefits that come with exercising your puppies. Here are a few of them:

Boosting immunity:

With regular exercise, your puppy will gain a strong immunity, it will fall ill less often and it will have a healthy growth period. Healthy puppies make owners very happy!

Avoid being obese and overweight:

When your dogs are fed well, especially foods which are rich in energy and engage in less physical activities, there is a likelihood of being overweight. Overweight and obesity is as bad to dogs as it is to humans. If not checked, it can lead to serious health complications. When a puppy exercises regularly which consume energy, it won’t be at risk of developing these conditions.

Strengthen the muscles:

A dog will be required to perform some tasks which may require powerful and strong muscles. A couch dog will be weaker and won’t perform these tasks effectively. Regular exercises helps in muscle build up, strengthens the bones and improves alertness.

Increases sharpness and agility:

Exercises not only build up a puppy’s physical prowess, but also work on mental agility. Regular exercises teach the dog to be sharp and responsive to any situation. A dog which engages in physical activities will get some mental stimulation which may aid in avoiding some unwanted behavior.

Avoids injuries:

With strong muscles and flexible joints, the chances of a puppy getting injuries are minimized. A strong immunity, something that we earlier mentioned, comes partly due to regular physical exercise means in the event of an injury, it will heal easily.


The importance of regular exercise to your puppies cannot be overemphasized, benefits are numerous and you will have a well-rounded dog. Make sure you walk your dog in the park, take them for a walk more often and most of all allow it to play, either with the children, other pets and even yourself. You will find that the exercise process benefits all!