When looking for the purebred pup who will put a smile on your face, come to Furry Babies in Aurora, Bloomingdale, Joliet or Rockford, IL, as well as Janesville, WI. We take the utmost care of our fur babies. While we pride ourselves on having a large selection of puppies, we also pride ourselves on ensuring each animal gets the best care. Before coming to our stores, each furry friend receives a health check twice to make sure they are feeling their best.

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Learn the Basics About Our Boston Terrier Puppies

Boston Terriers certainly cut a dashing figure, with their built in “tuxedo” colors! Boston Terriers are actually one of the few breeds that originated here in the States and is known as “America’s Gentleman Dog”. With their playful energy and upbeat attitude, the Boston Terrier makes a great companion for children and people with active lifestyles. […]

All About Furry Babies’ Bubbly, Brilliant, Boisterous Boxer Puppies!

Thinking of owning Boxer puppies? Good for you, you’ve picked a great family breed! The build of a Boxer The Boxer is muscular, stocky, and powerful. They possess a regal disposition and distinctly shaped square heads. Males grow to about 25 inches and weigh anywhere from 65 to 80 pounds. The female Boxer’s growth ranges […]

If You Haven’t Heard about the Cavachon, Get in Here and Get to Know This Lovable Breed!

Cavachon puppies have actually been around for longer than you might think! You have surely seen these beauties, but perhaps you didn’t recognize the breed by name. Let us introduce you to this breed. Cavachon puppies are a type of mixed breed or hybrid dogs that came from a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a […]

17 Interesting Facts About Chihuahua Puppies!

We know you love Chihuahuas, I mean, who doesn’t? But how much do you really know about them? Chihuahuas have been around for a long time and we mean long! It’s recognized as one of the oldest dog breeds still in existence and is thought to have originated about 2,000 years ago in Mexico. Since then, this feisty […]

Furry Babies Fox Valley in the Community: Helping Those in Need this Holiday Season!

Furry Babies Fox Valley wanted to give back this holiday season by partnering with Mutual Ground and enriching the lives of its girls! As you make new memories this holiday season with your friends and families, it’s important to remember that there are those out there that are less fortunate than you. That’s what inspires Furry Babies in […]

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