Spring and Summer Dog Essentials

June 7, 2022

Household Items

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil
    Great for preventing and/or removing ticks easily after walks through wooded areas. Dab a little bit on the back of their neck as a preventative for these pests. (Be sure to thoroughly comb your dog after hikes in the woods to ensure they haven’t picked up unwanted guests)

  2. Paper Rolls
    Stuff these with treats and bits of torn paper for shredding and scent work. This is a simple and low-cost game for your dog that will keep them engaging and mentally stimulated indoors on a hot day.

  3. An Old T-shirt
    If you’re taking your dog on a car trip, putting an old unwashed t-shirt of yours with them in the backseat or crate can be extremely helpful in easing their anxiety – road trips especially are a lot of noise and mental stimulation for younger dogs.

  4. A Scooby Smoothie
    Blend up whatever dog-safe produce you have on hand (blueberries, banana, mint, green beans, etc.) and put it in a freezer-safe container or lined muffin tin and stick in the freezer for at least three hours. Voila, now you have healthy dog popsicles to entertain your pet and cool them down. Or use this mix to slather on a lick mat and pop in the fridge. These freezer-safe pads with ridges make for an excellent treat for them and easy clean-up for you!


Collapsible Water/Food Bowls

We know you’ve seen the little plastic dog bowls that clip onto your backpack and those have their time and place but this set of dog bowls is like an item’s cooler, older cousin. It boasts two bowls, both stainless steel, and a non-slip mat for easy clean-up that folds in on itself so the whole contraption can fit in a backpack or car.

Dog Luggage

If you’ve ever experienced the pain of portioning your pup’s meals into what feels like a million little plastic baggies for each night of your jaunt to the beach – you need a dedicated bag for your dogs’ things. Use the compartments for food, treats, toys, a set of bowls and mat, medication or extra doggie bags, and even add a clip to hold a blanket. Taking your dog with you on vacation shouldn’t add stress – pack proactively.

Elevated Dog Beds

This cooling mesh bed allows for air to travel all around your pet and is bouncy and breathable! Simple and sturdy and plus a dog can never have too many beds, right?

SPF! In Lotion or Spray Form

Being out in the sun can cause dry skin, noses, or cracked paw pads; and more hours of sunlight means more time for chasing tennis balls (which means even more wear on paw pads). Make sure you’re checking your dog’s paws and applying soothing balm in the summer months!

Snuffle Mats

This snuffle mat is extra cool because it has smaller puzzles inside that are removable and you can take on-the-go. Have you ever seen such a space-saving durable toy as the snuffle wallet?

Whether working from home or taking trips this season we hope you try out some of these refreshing ideas for your dog!