When looking for the purebred pup who will put a smile on your face, come to Furry Babies in Aurora, Lombard, and Rockford. We take the utmost care of our fur babies. While we pride ourselves on having a large selection of puppies, we also pride ourselves on ensuring each animal gets the best care. Before coming to our stores, each furry friend receives a health check twice to make sure they are feeling their best.

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Top Tier Training Tips for Dogs of Any Age

Dogs from puppies to seniors enjoy using their brain to figure out puzzles; and training them is the biggest brain teaser there is. Regardless of age or background, all dogs can be taught basic commands and many can even go beyond that to learn tricks. It can be a fun and engaging activity that bonds […]

Top 10 Most Dog-Friendly Cities

Whether you are jetting off to an island or driving down the coast, most people are trying to make time with their family this summer for relaxation and fun. For 67% of American households, their families also include at least one dog. If you’re loading up everyone into the car for a getaway, here are […]

Essential Water Safety Tips for Your Pet

Sprinklers and kiddie pools, all the way up to the open ocean – there are so many fun summer activities to do that involve water. Tons of dogs love to take a dip and get their doggy paddle in the hot summer months. To be aware and prepared of some of the challenges that come […]

At-Home Dog Grooming Tips

Grooming varies wildly based on the breed of dog you have. However, some practices are commonplace for all; like brushing their coat and making sure their nails are trimmed. If you have your groomer in your favorites on your phone, don’t worry you’re not going to be coming for their job after reading our list […]

The Many Benefits of Pet Ownership

There are lots of preconceived ideas about pet ownership. Whether you grew up with pets or not, you might have opinions and concerns about what it might be like to get a new four-legged family member and you’re not alone! We’re here to help you figure out what breed is right for you and go […]

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