When looking for the purebred pup who will put a smile on your face, come to Furry Babies in Aurora, Bloomingdale, Joliet or Rockford, IL, as well as Janesville, WI. We take the utmost care of our fur babies. While we pride ourselves on having a large selection of puppies, we also pride ourselves on ensuring each animal gets the best care. Before coming to our stores, each furry friend receives a health check twice to make sure they are feeling their best.

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15 More Fantastic Facts about Siberian Husky Puppies

Their piercing and colorful eyes, along with their striking wolf-like appearances make our Siberian Husky puppies for sale a uniquely desired canine! Continue reading to learn more about their history and the impact their presence has made on the world! From 1938 to 1991, Siberian Huskies were called Arctic Huskies. Their names later changed to […]

13 Terrific Facts about Siberian Husky Puppies

We’ve previously shared facts about our Husky puppies for sale and here is our latest installment! Read on to learn interesting tidbits about these beauties. Though you can purchase Husky puppies for sale all over the country, this breed was first registered in Canada.   Before the Soviet government closed their borders, the last of […]

7 Interesting Facts About Pugs

You’ve come across adorable Pugs for sale many times, but how much about these precious pups do you actually know? Read on to learn more about this much-loved breed of dogs! Official Breed of the House of Orange The Prince of Orange, William the Silent, led the Dutch into battle. Legend has it that while […]

5 Hypoallergenic Puppies

We’re so happy that you’ve been searching the internet for “hypoallergenic puppies for sale near me” and found our website! It’s likely because we have many of these puppies in one of our five locations. Below is a list of 5 hypoallergenic puppies we often have in our stores. Bichon Frise The Bichon Frise is […]

Five Grooming Tips for your Pomsky Puppy

Now that you’ve purchased a Pomsky for sale and brought her into your home, you’ll need some informational key points on grooming your new pup. Here are five helpful grooming tips to get you started and acclimated to caring for your Pomsky. Bathing Tip Bathing your Pomsky doesn’t have to be an arduous task, especially […]

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