When looking for the purebred pup who will put a smile on your face, come to Furry Babies in Aurora, Lombard, and Rockford. We take the utmost care of our fur babies. While we pride ourselves on having a large selection of puppies, we also pride ourselves on ensuring each animal gets the best care. Before coming to our stores, each furry friend receives a health check twice to make sure they are feeling their best.

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Layering Enrichment Toys with Fall Flavors

If you have a curious pup, chances are you have acquired some fillable enrichment toys. After 5,000 times filling them with dry kibble – they may not excite your pup like they did at first. So what are you supposed to fill them with? One option is to rotate treats in the toy and give […]

America’s Most Popular Dogs’ Behaviors Explained

Ever wonder why your dog is so hyper-focused on something? Birds, digging, running – whatever their fixation, there is a good chance it stems from their breeding. Here’s a look at some of the origins of the most popular dog breeds today. Doodle Mixes What’s with Bird Chasing and Water Fixation? Labradoodles are one example […]

What’s the Deal with Doodles?

It seemed like in 2015 everyone and their mother were considering getting goldendoodle puppies. Now, all over Google there are searches like “Why are Goldendoodles the worst?” and “What’s wrong with Goldendoodles?”. Two things are curious: how this trope got started, and what are the answers to these questions. Just keep reading to see the […]

How to Make a Career Centered Around Your Dog

It’s no secret that in recent years young adults have gravitated towards getting a furry friend before starting a family. Last year, with the surge of pandemic pooches, that continued to be true. So, how do you rise to stardom by posting pics of your pup? After all, they are the cutest in the entire […]

Top Tier Training Tips for Dogs of Any Age

Dogs from puppies to seniors enjoy using their brain to figure out puzzles; and training them is the biggest brain teaser there is. Regardless of age or background, all dogs can be taught basic commands and many can even go beyond that to learn tricks. It can be a fun and engaging activity that bonds […]

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