When looking for the purebred pup who will put a smile on your face, come to Furry Babies in Aurora, Lombard, and Rockford. We take the utmost care of our fur babies. While we pride ourselves on having a large selection of puppies, we also pride ourselves on ensuring each animal gets the best care. Before coming to our stores, each furry friend receives a health check twice to make sure they are feeling their best.

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Help Your Dog Get Excited to Explore – in Your Backyard!

Dogs do very well with a routine but it’s nice to incorporate new experiences for them as much as we can. These are all low-cost and easy ways to turn your backyard into a sensory playground for your pup. Understanding the Importance of Sensory Exploration Sensory experiences are a bigger deal to dogs than we […]

Best Practices for Four-legged Beach-goers!

Is there any place more relaxing than the beach? The breeze in your hair, the sound of the waves…the piles of sand that somehow end up in the car even though you made everyone rinse their feet – twice. Okay, so there are pros and cons. One thing that indisputably makes a beach day even […]

Farm to Dog Bowl: Everything You Need to Know about Raw Diets

If you are one of the many pet parents who’s thought about giving your pet a raw diet you probably started with the question, “what even IS a raw diet?”. Assuming raw diets consist only of whole, uncooked meat cubes is a natural place to start. However, raw diets actually have a lot of nuance […]

How to Help Pandemic Puppies When Work-from-Home is Over

The “Pandemic Puppy Boom of 2020” or the “Coronavirus Pet Boom” has helped fill a lot of homes with much-needed love and comfort over the past year. While we are certainly all looking forward to life getting closer to what it used to look like – the one exception might be returning to the office. […]

What is The Best Place to Get Your Furry Friend in Illinois?

Getting a new member in your house can be a life-altering decision. Whether you already are a pet owner or someone eager to welcome a new puppy in your life, getting a new member requires a lot of thought and patience. When in Illinois, consider buying your new puppy from Furry Babies that offers the […]

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