Our German Shepherd Puppies for Sale Are Unparalleled in Loyalty!

December 1, 2017

If you’re interested in a protective large breed dog, our German Shepherd puppies for sale are just the ticket!

There are very few breeds out there that can match the German Shepherd Dog’s penchant for loyalty and protective abilities. There’s also few breeds that are as beautiful as they are intelligent, like the German too! From both big families with small children and single people alike, the GSD fits in well with anyone searching for an easy to train large breed that will defend the household and make a great snuggler on chilly nights. That’s right, people, the German has it all!

german shepherd puppies for sale


The regal German Shepherd has long been lauded for their use in police work and in the military and for good reason. Germans are intelligent, eager to please working dogs that are extremely versatile. And while they may look a little menacing, their owners know they are just big puppy dogs at heart! Germans typically weigh around 60-80lbs and are black, black and tan, sable or on some rare occasions, all white.

Here are a few more things about the German Shepherd’s personality:

  • GSDs are meant to be a working dog, so they need daily exercise and mental stimulation to burn off their excess energy.
  • While Germans are high up on the smart scale, they can be headstrong and need a firm and consistent training routine to keep them in line.
  • Once they know you are the boss, training them to master different tricks and commands is a cinch. They also retain many of these commands without a large amount of repetition.
  • There are few breeds that rival the German for protection, and are well-known as one of the world’s best guard dog breeds.
  • GSDs have thick coats that need to be brushed and groomed regularly. We also suggest using de-shedding tools to help alleviate some of the hair that can get trapped in their luscious locks.
  • Despite their protective streaks, Germans are excellent with children and other pets in the household.

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