Everyone Loves Those Cute Maltese Puppies

May 12, 2018

Everyone loves to be around and dote on those little white dogs – the Maltese.

With one look, you’re hooked! Their expressive eyes and button noses know exactly how to draw you in to purchase Maltese puppies for sale! Here are the reasons why they’re so captivating.

Maltese puppies


They’re Royal

Queens cherished these precious pooches. They were often fed out of gold dishes, though they had no idea. A meal was a meal to them! Their images were adorned on ceramics and other pieces of artwork in Egypt and Greece. Owners constructed elaborate tombs for the deceased dogs. Paintings were specifically constructed with the likeness of Maltese puppies for sale and poems were also created and famously recited.


A Total White-Out

Maltese puppies for sale were specially bred by Roman emperors to have the shiny white coats that we know of today. Back then it was sacred to them, because they wanted their pups to display an air of divinity and it worked like a charm.


Their Namesake Reflects a Province

Maltese puppies for sale come from Malta, a central Mediterranean area, but were quickly snatched up by the Romans. They were bred down from a Spitz dog, which was native to the area and used for hunting rodents. Their exact history is a little murky, with many historical references indicating that they were akin to Pomeranians.


No Shedding Here

Sporting a thick coat of hair instead of fur, these little dogs don’t shed. On the contrary, they require occasional haircuts to keep their coats in check. They are hypoallergenic, making them great for persons with allergies.


…Also Known As…

Over the course of their existence, many Maltese puppies for sale have had a number of monikers. They include Maltese lion dog, the Maltese terrier, Roman ladies’ dog, the comforter dog, a shock dog, and the Spaniel gentle.


They’re Ancient

The current Maltese puppies for sale that you encounter have a vast history. They’re one of the oldest known breeds of dogs and are said to be over 2800 years old! They’d been the lapdogs of Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians.


Very Therapeutic

Many Maltese puppies for sale are purchased to make great therapy dogs for those in need and they’re excellent at what they do – cuddling and providing comfort.


It’s All in The Details

Maltese pups have coats that require great attention to detail. To maintain their historically silky white fur, they need to be brushed and groomed daily and regularly. You can’t skimp on visiting the groomer with this naturally beautiful breed.


Jump Jump!

Never mind their tiny sizes and reputations for being lapdogs, these pups are big time jumpers. They seem to have little to no fear of gravity and leap seamlessly from arm to ledge with no problem. Pay close attention to these high rollers!


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