Bulldog Puppies – What In It’s Name?

May 8, 2018

The Bulldog is a commonly recognizable dog and they’re loved worldwide.

Bulldog puppies for sale

You’ll notice them almost immediately because of their short and broad bodies and small smushed faces. At Furry Babies, we have Bulldog puppies for sale that are adorable and available. Check them out by clicking this link. Here’s some history about Bulldogs and how they got their names.

Not all Bulldog puppies for sale are created equally! There are many types of Bulldog breeds, but let’s talk about the actual meaning of “bulldog.” Okay, so we know that when you think of a Bulldog, you’ll most likely have a visual image of a sturdy, muscular, wrinkled face pup. What’s not really known is that there are various types of Bulldogs. For instance, do you know the difference between an American Bulldog, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, or Olde English Bulldog? Probably not and we’ll talk about them in another post. For now, let’s examine their namesake history.

All of the aforementioned breeds possess different histories, different looks, and even different temperaments. However, what all Bulldog puppies for sale have in common is their ancestry and how they were used in the past, which was for “bull baiting.” This is exactly how they received the “bull” part of their names.

So what precisely is bull baiting? Bull baiting involves a dog attempting to flatten itself to the ground, creeping in as close as possible, then dashing out, attempting to bite the bull in the nose or head area. The dogs who were selectively bred for this job had massive heads, strong jaws, and stocky bodies. These dogs also had stoic and determined temperaments, like Bulldogs and Pit Bulls.

It was common law in early modern England that a bull’s flesh had to be baited before it was slaughtered and put up for sell. Back in those days, the prevailing belief was that baiting actually helped to improve the flesh. Unfortunately, like other dog fight events, bull baiting was also considered a recreational sport. It was eventually banned in 1835, due to the support of the Cruelty to Animals Act passed in the Parliament.

With dog fight sports banned once and for all, many Bulldog puppies for sale were suddenly “unemployed,” and they were almost becoming extinct. Their popularity and numbers began to rise, when dog fanciers took a keen interest to their resurrection. Their interest led to many of today’s modern Bulldogs and today they’re used as loving pet companions.


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