5 Hypoallergenic Puppies

August 9, 2018

We’re so happy that you’ve been searching the internet for “hypoallergenic puppies for sale near me” and found our website!

It’s likely because we have many of these puppies in one of our five locations. Below is a list of 5 hypoallergenic puppies we often have in our stores.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a famous French toy dog that is anywhere between 7 and 12 pounds. You’ll know this pup from its bright white and puffy coat. They are virtually non-shedding despite all of its hair! Since your search for “puppies near me” generated these playful beauties, we must tell you that they will need professional grooming to keep their coats clean and well maintained.


Poodles – they are one of the first, if not the first dog that comes up when searching for “hypoallergenic puppies near me.” That’s because they are as close to hypoallergenic as they come. Because of their low shedding and low dander, they are often purchased and cared for in homes with people with dog allergies. They don’t require a ton of maintenance to their fur, so grooming every two months is sufficient for them!


Sporting a thick white coat of hair instead of fur, Maltese don’t have an undercoat, so shedding is almost nonexistent in this breed. They will require occasional haircuts to maintain the length, but that’s about it. They are tiny but very active in the house and love to engage in indoor games.

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkies are another small toy breed that may have been in your search for “hypoallergenic puppies near me.” These 7 pounds of barking babies have no undercoat and low shedding. Like the Maltese, you’ll need to have their hair clipped regularly because it will grow long otherwise.

Mini Schnauzers

Mini Schnauzer puppies have a thick, wiry, double coat that naturally keeps off debris. These compact little dogs range from 11 to 15 pounds, and despite their size, are excellent guard dogs. They will alert you with a bark when someone comes to the door! They are friendly, however, so your guests will be greeted in such a manner!