4 Health Tips for Your Pug Puppy

May 1, 2018

Pugs are precious and they are unique, because they require a bit of special handling and care.

pug puppy


When you find a Pug puppy, you don’t need to think they’re high maintenance. You must know how to properly care for them. There are a few things that are obvious and not so obvious when it comes to their care and we’ve identified four tips for you to handle the Pug puppies that you’re eyeing!


Exercise your pug.

Pugs need daily exercise. There’s no getting around that. Because these babies tend to sleep a lot, like a whopping 14 hours a day, when they’re awake they’re going to want to eat and relieve themselves and repeat! This isn’t necessarily abnormal, so there’s no cause for alarm. In order to keep their weight in check, they need daily walks. Runs are not necessary and your pup will probably stop in your tracks. Don’t over exert your Pug. A nice leisurely walk is sufficient, even if it’s for 5 to 10 minutes. Every bit helps.


Keep them slim and trim!

Even when you’ve found a Pug, you’ll immediately notice that they are pretty sturdy, solid, and muscular. Throughout their life, you will need to know the difference between being sturdy and obese or fat, which they should never be. The best way to determine if the Pug puppy that you’ve purchased are fat is to stand above them. If they look like anything like a battery, they should lose a pound or two. it should drop a pound or two. From other views, they should be narrow at the neck, broad at the shoulders, and continue narrowing from the shoulders, with a slight broadening by the rump area. To keep them slim and trip, don’t feed your pups human food. Use dry food instead of canned and always limit the number of treats your Pug consumes. Contact with your veterinarian for additional advice and regular monitoring.


Monitor the temperature.

One of the things that makes Pugs so adorable is their smushed faces, but that can also be a hazard to their health if they aren’t properly monitored. They tend to have breathing problems because of the structure of their faces and those adorable Pug puppies that you’ve seen don’t stand a reasonable chance if they’ve been left in the heat for too long. They are terribly susceptible to heat strokes. While they can survive them, it can cause severe damage to their heart, kidneys, and other major organs. Long term exposure to heat can affect them as well, even if they don’t initially show signs. Over time, they may suffer from unexplained kidney failure or mysterious heart damage. What we’re trying to convey is that you shouldn’t expose your Pug to heat for long periods of time and they should, under no circumstances, be left outside in the heat.


Create a no smoking zone.

We don’t want to lecture you and this section is less about the human habit and more about the habit’s effects on your pup. As we’ve previously mentioned, they are prone to breathing problems and smoke can and will only exacerbate it! When you decide to smoke, and this goes for tobacco and electronic cigarettes, do so away of your Pug. Step outside or into rooms where the smoke won’t waft around your precious pups.



All of the aforementioned tips will help your Pug live a long and healthy life, with your help of course. Contact us for more information or any questions that you may have.