You Can Always Bank on the Love of a Boxer Puppy!

March 29, 2018

They’re Hot And They’re Cold

When we say that, we don’t necessarily mean that their temperaments yo-yo. No! We literally mean that Boxer puppies are sensitive to heat and cold. Their short snouts make it difficult for them to cool themselves down in humid weather, despite lots of panting. Conversely, their coats are thin and not thick enough to brave the cold. They’re middle of the road, so to speak. If you reside in areas of extreme temperatures of cold or hot weather, you’ll need to especially monitor your Boxer puppy when they’re playing or lounging outside.

boxer puppy

Living A Quality Life

Healthy Boxer puppies can grow to be healthy adult dogs. Just as with any breed of dogs, there are common health problems particularly associated with their breed. With proper diets, exercise, and regular veterinarian visits, your Boxer puppy can live as long as 14 years. Some reports indicate that Boxer afflictions include tumors (especially in older Boxers), skin allergies, hip dysplasia and heart problems. On a much lighter note, these Boxer babies have a tendency to drool and snore, so get some towels and earplugs from your nearest pet store!

Being With A Boxer At Home

Boxers may look rough and tough and all that stuff, but they’re actually lovable, playful and mostly goofballs, under the surface. They get along with the whole family, including children and other pets, if socialized early in their puppyhood.

Faux Paws

Though it’s totally a myth that Boxers got their name from a propensity to stand up and “box” with their paws, they don’t. When they use their paws, it’s to playfully bat and swat at water bowls or toys or furry friends! If they use their paws on humans it’s usually to communicate messages like “feed me” or “come play with me,” but it’s rarely used in an aggressive manner.

Who’s The Boss?

In rare cases, Boxer puppies will sometimes try to dominate their owners. The best way to handle a Boxer who wants to be in control is to maintain a firm but friendly hand. With early proper persistence, this can be addressed. You want to make sure that your Boxer gets adequate training and socialization early on to manage any extreme aspects of their energetic personalities. An untrained Boxer who’s unaware of their size and strength is no fun! Our Boxer puppies for sale have been carefully bred to be loyal and affectionate furry family members.

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