Yorkshire Terrier FAQs

May 28, 2018

Undoubtedly, the Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkie for short, is one of the most beloved dogs of the terriers and toy breed.  

 yorkie puppies

They are uniquely charming, intelligent, and extremely cute. Their small stature and larger than life personalities make them the perfect pet companions in homes around the world. At Furry Babies, we have Yorkie puppies that will serve the same purpose for you.  

How and when did they become so popular? 

Before Yorkie puppies were an option, during the late 18th century, they were developed in the town of Yorkshire, England. They belong to the terrier category. The word terrier originated from the Latin word “Terra” (meaning earth/land). York’s are referred to as “land dogs.” This was primarily because these particular groups of dogs were bred to clean up rats from English farms, both below and above ground.  

Who’s the boss? 

Yorkies “suffer” from small dog syndrome. This means those little Yorkie puppies think that they’re bigger than they actually are and it shows in their character and temperaments! Though they’re small, they are brave and courageous. They can sometimes be bossy, if you can believe it and they also make good guard dogs. Let’s face it, they’re only going to bark and let you know of intruders, but they are good at protecting their homes in that way! Because they can be a tad aggressive, socialization with other animals early on in their lives is essential to “nip” that behavior in the bud! 

What are their physical stats? 

Most Yorkie puppies for sale grow to be 6 to 9.5 inches tall and their maximum weight is 7 pounds. 

Are they very energetic? 

YEP! York puppies are lively and full of energy. Despite their small sizes and in comparison, to other breeds of the same size, they need regular and daily walks to quash some of their energy. Keep in mind that they were developed as working dogs, so it’s in their nature to be active.