Write it Down – Making Schedules for Your Puppies

March 24, 2019

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep on saying it.

Puppies are creatures of habit! They need routines in their lives in order to become well-behaved animals and it’s up to you as the pet parent to make sure this happens. If you don’t come up with a routine when you find a puppy and bring him home, you may not like the schedule he creates! We kid, we kid, but you know what we mean. You’ve gotta create schedules for you and your dog.

Why do puppies need a schedule anyway?

Besides what we mentioned earlier about them needing routine, schedules actually make your puppies happier. Just like when you came to find a puppy at our store, you were happy, the same goes for puppies on a routine. They like knowing what will happen and when. It gives your furry baby a sense of security.

Make time to schedule their feedings.

As your puppy gets older, so will his feeding requirements. That’s natural, but the times when you feed your puppy should remain the same. Whether it’s once a day or twice, be consistent with the timing. The amount of food shouldn’t change until they’ve gotten out of their puppy years. Clean fresh water should always be available to your puppy.

Develop potty schedules for your puppies.

As time goes, you will find a puppy needs to go out more frequently than older dogs. Even if you feed your dog two or three times a day, you’ll likely need to take them out more. Their little bladders are still growing stronger. When it comes to making a schedule for their elimination, make sure you take your pup out 20 minutes or so after a feeding. As they get older this time will change slightly, but as a general rule, they should be taken outside after meals.

Make time for playtime, nap time, and fitness time!

Exercise is important for all puppies and dogs. Puppies are much more energetic. They expend it and burn it quickly. Try to schedule when there is designated playtime and rest time. Sounds like making a schedule for a toddler, right? Well, it can be similar in some ways! Puppies need to have the right balance between playing, exercising (which can be one and the same at times), resting.


When you’re putting together all of these scheduling elements, you will find a puppy to be much more disciplined, well-rounded and enjoyable.