Tips for Moving With a Dog

January 26, 2019

Moving can be exciting but also a very tense time for everyone involved and this includes your dog.

There is complete chaos with boxes and bags and people coming in and out. It can be a bit overwhelming for your pup. To avoid your dog worrying and being too confused during this time, we’ve put together some tips to help your moving go smoothly.

  1. Pack Early

Preparation is key. We know life gets busy and sometimes preparation is hard. In this case, try to pack your things early and over a period of time. Your dog will be greatly confused if you come home and all of a sudden start packing and moving out! Take the time and do it over time if possible.

  1. Maintain All Routines

While moving with a dog, there may be a few times when your pup’s schedule may be thrown off a bit. If at all possible, try very hard to avoid changing your pup’s routine. It took so long to establish it and you don’t want to ruin it because of one or two days. Feed them and walk them normally.

  1. Packing Their Stuff

Make your dog’s stuff the last to get packed. It’s pretty clear to your pup that something is going on in the house, so to have the comfort of their blanket, bed, toys, etc. will help this process. Do not wash their bedding. They will need this familiar scent in the new place. When you pack it, make sure it’s all together and that there is something of comfort and favored with your pup during the actual move.

  1. You’ve Arrived

Once your pup has arrived at your new home, it is important to make them feel comfortable straight away. Pull out their box of goodies and start unpacking that. As we mentioned, while moving with a dog, their bedding will hold familiar scents and they’ll rely on that for comfort in such a strange new place. Allow them time to rest and get acclimated.