Tips for Bringing Home A Poodle Puppy

February 19, 2019

Since you’ve decided to purchase one of our Poodle puppies?

Now comes the fun time of taking your new pup home and getting acclimated to new surroundings! At Furry Babies, we want you to be well armed and informed on what you should do and expect. Take a look at these tips we’ve compiled that will help you and your pup!

  1. First things first, name your dog!

You probably already had some idea of what you want to call your pup. Start doing it consistently.  She will soon learn her name.

  1. Make introductions.

If you have other family members in your home, introduce your dog to your entire household very slowly. Too many people can be frightening. At some later point, you can allow neighbors and other friends and family members to visit.

  1. Introduce other pets.

Any other pets in the family should get an introduction as well. Don’t have high expectations of them getting along right away. Give them some time to adjust to the other.

  1. Allow your dog to adjust.

Lot’s of new changes are going on and he’s bound to feel somewhat afraid and a bit insecure. Your pup may be homesick and missing his mother and other Poodle puppies. Let him explore his new surroundings under your watchful eyes.

  1. Set house rules immediately.

From the very beginning, you want to teach your dog commands and you want to stick to them. Teach your dog what is and is not appropriate behavior. Teach your family members to be consistent with your dog. Consistency is very important.

  1. Create a schedule and routine.

This will be something to discuss with everyone in your household. Divvy up the responsibilities and set times for walks, play, sleep, eating, etc.

  1. Dog-proof your house before they arrive.

Move stuff to higher grounds. This includes cleaning supplies, anything that looks like it could be fun to chew or eat to a dog, and household plants. The idea is that you want to keep anything harmful from your pup.

  1. Make a bed for them.

Dogs love cozy spots so make sure you have one immediately for one of the Poodle puppies you purchased from us. If you have space, create a few comfortable areas for your puppy. It’ll make her feel secure and that she has a place of her own.

  1. Purchase all of the necessities.

Purchase food, treats, beds, grooming tools, harnesses, collars, leashes, and any other things that you can think of in advance. In doing so, you’ll greatly aid in making your puppy’s transition into his new home a smooth one.

  1. Select a veterinarian.

Even though our furry babies are already vaccinated, you still want to choose a veterinarian ahead of time. This will make sure that you and your dog will be ready for her first visit!