The Pleasant Personality of Cavalier King Charles

April 17, 2018

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs are sweet little ones whose mesmerizing eyes captivate you and whose ears you want to playfully tug.

These little sweeties are charming. We have Cavalier King Charles puppies for sale that you’ll absolutely fall in love with, we’re sure of it. We also have tons of information about them. See below to learn more about these beloved pups.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is small, loving and playful. They are very easy going and friendly to everyone they meet. They are the definition of a lap dog, so saddle up! Like the others, our Cavalier King Charles puppies are happy and healthy.

They have temperaments that range from sweet to stubborn! They sometimes have a reputation for not being smart or aloof, but that’s not true! They just take some time to come around, but they are smart and easy to train. They respond very well to positive reinforcement, especially the treats are involved. Be kind to them, otherwise they’ll retreat and stop trying.

Like most in their breed, our Cavalier King Charles puppies prefer to be with people. A Cavalier will be underfoot, literally. They will follow your footsteps throughout the day, from room to room. They truly don’t like being left alone for long periods of time. They thrive best in homes where there’s always someone there to keep them company. They are really kid friendly but will do best with older kids who won’t be too rough on them.


Cavalier King Charles puppies

Quick Stats and Facts

  • Cavaliers can get along very well with cats, especially when they are raised with them.
  • They shed moderately, with their silky, medium length coats.
  • You’ll find our Cavalier King Charles puppies come in four coat colors.
  • They love to lick and they love to chase moving objects (especially feathered ones)


Consider purchasing one of our Cavalier King Charles puppies to be a companion for older people. They are super intuitive, which makes them great therapy dogs. They will happily sit quietly with them.