The Five Benefits of Exercise for Your Puppy

March 9, 2019

Just like with humans, dogs require exercise.

The frequency will, of course, vary from little pups to large dog breeds, but one factor stands out – our furry babies need exercise too and there are benefits associated with doing so. Take a look at these 5 benefits we’ve put together to get your large dog breeds up and active!

  1. Exercise increases agility and sharpness.

Exercises not only build up a puppy’s physical strength but also works on their mental agility. Regular exercises teach dogs to be sharp and responsive to any situation. A dog who engages in physical activities will undoubtedly experience mental stimulation.

  1. Exercise boosts immunity.

Large dog breeds who are exercised with regularity will gain a stronger immune system and will be less susceptible to illnesses.

  1. Exercise strengthens their muscles.

Just like with humans, if our muscles aren’t exercised they are weak and won’t perform well. Large dog breeds in particular who are required to “help around the house” (or yard) may need strong muscles and stamina. Regular exercises help with muscle build up, strengthens the bones, and improves on agility (as referenced in #1).

  1. Exercise staves off obesity.

Being overweight and obese is just as bad for dogs as it is for humans. It can lead to serious health complications if weight is not kept under control. Not all large dog breeds are prone to obesity, but if they are exercising, along with a healthy diet, it will keep obesity at bay.

  1. Exercise helps to avoid injuries.

With strong muscles and flexible joints, the chances of your dog getting injured are greatly minimized. Along with strong immunity that exercise provides, exercise also helps in reducing the likelihood of your dog sustaining injuries.


The importance of regular exercise to your puppies, whether they’re large or small, cannot be overemphasized. We’ve just outlined 5 benefits, but there are many more that will ensure you have a healthy and well-rounded dog which is the goal, right?! Contact us today or come into one of our locations to get started on your path to puppy ownership!