The Cocker Spaniel – A Kid Friendly Dog for Your Family!

March 4, 2018

Thinking of adding a furry family member to your home?

We’ve got the perfect canine companion for you to consider and it’s the Cocker Spaniel puppy! Below, we’re gonna outline characteristics you should contemplate when selecting kid friendly dogs and how one of our Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale fits the bill!

Cockers Are Sturdy

Let’s face it, kids can be rambunctious and aren’t always as gentle as they should or could be, so your family will need a dog that will be resilient and patient. A Cocker Spaniel puppy isn’t a delicate and dainty dog that will falter under a playful kid’s rough love. Their medium sized bodies are built strong enough the weather the storm of a toddler!

cocker spaniel puppies

Energetic for Everyone

The perfect kid friendly dog will have plenty of energy to match playful children, but will also be even keeled enough to be handled by adults. Cockers tend to meet the needs of various activity levels of families. Cocker Spaniel puppies are able to keep up with kids without getting exhausted or irritated. Conversely, they can be calming pet pals for grownups, opting to enjoy some simple one-on-one cuddle time.


Although all dogs should be trained, it’s especially important around kids. Along with supervision, it is wise to teach puppy obedience and rules, either through your own personal knowledge or by enrolling in training classes. Children should also be taught rules to minimize the risk of any dog bites, thereby creating a safe and pleasant environment for all. Thankfully, Cocker Spaniel puppies are highly trainable and intelligent dogs. They should be handled kindly through positive reinforcements and of course, treats!

Dogs can be great for kids, because they’re not only a source of unconditional love, but can help teach responsibility and compassion. When selecting a kid friendly dog for your family, the Cocker Spaniel should absolutely be considered!

Contact us today for more information or come by our store to cuddle with one of our Cocker Spaniel puppies and then go home a happy camper! Want to check out some pictures first, just click here!