Before Taking Home Pomsky Puppies for Sale, Learn About Their Parentage!

October 23, 2017

See what makes up one of our most popular breeds, the precious Pomsky!

It’s true that Pomskies are the new hotness for the designer breed category! But with any hybrid puppy, it’s good to take a look at the two purebred parents that make them possible. In the case of the Pomsky, it’s a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky that make these precious little balls of fluff possible! So let’s learn about the individual parentage to work out what traits might be possible for the Pomksy puppy.

pomski puppies for sale

The fabulous, extremely spunky Pomeranian

The extroverted Pomeranian is smart and vivacious. Poms love meeting new people and get along well with other animals. Although Poms are famous for sometimes thinking they’re a lot bigger than they really are! Alert and inquisitive, Pomeranians make excellent watchdogs and will bark at anything out of the ordinary.

Pomeranians are roughly 7 to 12 inches tall and have an average weight of 4 to 9 pounds. They can come in all sorts of different colors and have long, flowing coats. In Pomsky puppies, the Pomeranian is always the father because of their diminutive size.

Intriguingly beautiful and striking, the Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a beautiful dog breed with a thick coat that comes in a multitude of colors and markings. Their blue or multi-colored eyes and striking facial masks only add to the appeal of this breed, which originated in Siberia. It is easy to see why many are drawn to the Siberian’s wolf-like looks, but be aware that this athletic, intelligent dog can be independent and need a firm hand when training.

So what about the baby puppies?

Typically, hybrid puppies will take on a mixture of characteristics from their parents and the Pomsky is no different! They typically stay around 20-25lbs, which is in the middle of the two breeds and exhibit some of the same Husky or Pom markings and colors. They can even inherit the Siberian Husky’s beautiful blue eyes. Every one of our Pomsky puppies for sale is individual and unique, a perfect combination!