Support National Animal Safety and Prevention Month

October 7, 2019

October is National Animal Safety and Prevention Month. Created by the PALS Foundation, this is a time dedicated to promoting safe care and handling practices for domestic and exotic wildlife. Animals play an important role in all of our lives—from companions to supporting the ecosystem. Whether or not you have furry babies, there are actions that you can take to help protect our four-legged friends. 

First Aid for Pets

Just like people, our cats, dogs, and other pets have accidents and encounter other medical emergencies. If your pet gets a cut, experiences dehydration, has a seizure, takes a nasty fall down some stairs or comes in contact with something toxic, there are basic steps that you can take, between the time of the incident and your vet visit, to keep your pet safe. The American Veterinary Medical Association offers these first aid guidelines for pets.    

Additionally, you can download a convenient app from the American Red Cross. This app provides advice for everyday pet care, along with a vet finder, pet-friendly hotel finder, instructions for assembling a pet first aid kit and more.   

Have Identification

Pets can escape the watchful eye of even the most protective pet parents, making an unexpected dash to explore the world around them. If something like this does happen, having your pet registered, micro-chipped, and wearing identification tags can make it easier for them to find their way home to you. You can also go a little further and get a GPS tracking dog collar for your pooch. 

Make a Plan

When preparing for emergencies, don’t forget your best pal. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offer some helpful tips for making a plan, as well as creating a pet disaster kit. Simple things like keeping your dog or cat’s leash and crate near the exit, identifying hotels or other pet-friendly places to stay, and having food and water-packed can go a long way towards keeping your whole family safe in an emergency situation. 

Stay Up to Date

Make sure that your pets are up to date on all of their shots and preventive medicines. If you haven’t scheduled your pet’s routine visit with their vet, now is a great time to do that. 

Donate or Volunteer

Pet ownership isn’t required to make an impact on the lives of animals. You can contribute in other ways to National Animal Safety and Prevention Month by donating supplies or money to local rescues and shelters. Volunteering your time is also a great way to show your support. 

Animal Education

National Animal Safety and Prevention Month isn’t limited to domestic pets. Zoos and aquariums are invaluable for helping adults and children learn about wild animals, their habitats and what we can do to support them. 


Protecting our pets and wildlife is not limited to October. Opportunities to make an impact on the safety and comfort of animals are nearly endless. Get creative and show your support.