Small Puppy Breeds Get Stressed Out Too

June 10, 2019

As pet owners, we can easily fall in love with our pets and want to carry them around all of the time. Despite the love and affection you think you’re shelling out to your pup, there is a chance that you’re also stressing him out a bit with all of the attention. Yep, you read that correctly and we hate to break it to you but we have a duty! At Furry Babies, we give you the good and the bad…always! Here are some things you may be doing at home that stress your dogs, specifically small dog breeds.

  1. Pointing or Shaking a Finger

This gesture is a universal stress inducer for dogs. It is often accompanied with an angry gesture and a harsh tone. Sure, your pup may have done something annoying but that doesn’t mean that he actually remembers what he did. At any rate, the finger pointer is confusing and hurtful to your dog and can cause him dismay and stress.

  1.  Not Being Consistent with Commands and Boundaries

Dogs thrive on consistency and routines and take comfort in it. We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again. They need a routine to fully thrive. When you throw them off of their schedules, they’ll be upset and perhaps act out. This could include having “accidents” in the house. Small dog breeds have smaller bladders so it’s easy for them to let you know just how they feel! We kid a bit, but our point is that you need to keep up any routines or schedules that you’ve developed.

  1. Lack of Physical and Mental Stimulation

Like humans, dogs get bored if they don’t have enough physical and mental stimulation in their lives. Dogs that are dissatisfied and not entertained can display destructive behavior. We know this to be true with small dog breeds because those little sweeties can sneak into smaller areas and go to town with chewing on stuff that they shouldn’t. Give your furry baby some toys for their pleasure during times that they’re left alone.