Puppy Training Myths and Tips

April 6, 2019

At Furry Babies, we truly pride ourselves on imparting as much knowledge as we can on our pet parents.

It’s the least we can do, after all, you did decide to purchase one of our puppies! Even if you haven’t purchased one but are considering, we want you to know about some puppy training myths and tips. Here are five to get you started and while you’re at it, visit our available puppies page by visiting furrybabiesinc.com!

Puppy Training Myth #1: “He’ll grow out of it.”

There are some bad behaviors that your pup will outgrow, but you shouldn’t rely on it. The reality is that most adolescent dogs (ages six months to two years) are often worse than their puppy stages! Trying to wait it out isn’t the best idea. Your pup isn’t going to magically start new habits, so you’ll need to be diligent with training and do it consistently.

Puppy Training Myth #2: “I can’t take my puppy outside until he’s gotten all of his shots.”

Okay, we understand that you want to protect your precious ones. The truth is that while it’s absolutely important to protect unvaccinated puppies from the dangers of puppy diseases, there’s no need to keep your pup locked away from the rest of the world! Try to avoid dog parks, but you can still take your pup outside before their vaccinations.

Puppy Training Myth #3: “I can’t comfort my puppy when he’s scared.”

Maybe you’ve heard that once puppies learn of situations that scare them, they’ll always be that way. This is simply not true! Your puppy will actually become more confident if you offer backup/comfort. When there’s a storm or fireworks, cuddle and comfort your pup, they’ll appreciate it and feel better.

Puppy Training Myth #4: “I can’t train my puppy until he’s six months old.”

We’ll make this one quick. You can absolutely start training puppies immediately, the sooner the better! Treats, praises, and consistency are all you need, so get started.

Puppy Training Myth #5: “If I don’t punish my puppy, he’ll never get it right.”

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Never ever physically punish your pup, nor should you yell. Always use positive reinforcement and praise and gentle, but firm voices with your commands. Scaring or hurting your pup will do way more harm than not. Your puppy will become afraid of you and you don’t want that. In fact, your puppy will bond with you and listen better if he’s not scared of getting it wrong!


We hope that these debunked training myths have been helpful for you. Feel free to share this post with other pet parents!