What to Expect: Puppy Edition

September 27, 2018

We’ve decided to give you some insight as to what you should expect when you purchase a new puppy.

Our furry babies range in age. However, the youngest of our cute puppies for sale are between three to four months old. Having a new puppy is quite an exciting experience that also comes along with a lot of responsibility. We’ve highlighted what you should expect with your new puppy and thier development from four months to six months.

Month Four

Around this time, your puppy will have developed a personality. If one of your cute puppies for sale is shy or quiet or bossy or a herder, your puppy will let you know. You should continue socializing your puppy if you have been already. This will ensure that she is well-rounded. Playing with other dogs will encourage your puppy to develop excellent social skills, prevent biting, and even help with potty training.

Physically, your puppy will be gaining more of her permanent teeth. Much like babies, they go through a teething phase so don’t worry. It’s natural to see your pup using her mouth to explore the world around her. It’s wise to purchase chew toys to discourage her from using your furniture or shoes!


Month Five

Expect for your puppy to be mischievous and acting a bit naughty around this time! It’s bound to happen so why not be prepared and enjoy their funny behavior? They will try to establish boundaries by asserting their role in the family. Ideally, you should have puppy-proofed your home. If not, get to it! Keep things out of their reach. Close all doors and cabinets. Keep food away from their view and access. This time is a very exploratory one so proactive prevention is key!


Month Six

The cute puppies for sale that you purchased are starting to look like an adult dog, but they certainly still act like puppies! With hard work, patience, and consistency, you have made it through the teething and potty training phases. Your puppy should be more socialized and settled into her personality. Continue to reinforce any training that you’ve learned with your puppy.


Once your puppy reaches six months old, take a moment to pat yourself on the back. The first six months are crucial, challenging, and fun! Keep in mind, however, that it will take at least another six months for your puppy to really mature. At least by now, you have a pretty good idea of the kind of dog you have and what to continue to expect!