More Basic Facts About Beagle Puppies!

March 7, 2018

I mean, come on! How can you not love a precious hound dog?

We’ve previously highlighted Beagles and we want to continue sharing the Beagle love. We’ve compiled 10 facts about Beagle puppies that you may not have known!

The Nose Knows

  • Beagles have been described as having a “nose with feet,” because once he has picked up on a scent, he won’t let it go until he has found it!
  • The Beagle’s nose is black and rather large in proportion to its muzzle. It also holds around 220 million scent receptors versus that of humans, who have approximately 5 million.
  • They can learn around 50 different scents!
  • Small Beagle puppies and their friendly dispositions allow them to search and sniff around unsuspecting visitors in airport security and also to squeeze into smaller spaces to search cargo and airmail areas.
  • When a Beagle (or any dog for that matter) sniffs another dog’s anal area, it’s learning various types of information, like gender, health, and reproductive status. All of this is done through the anal sacs that contain glands which secretes chemicals.

beagle puppies

Training and Taming The Beagle

  • There are some mixed reports that say the Beagle puppy is difficult to train, but you just need the inside scoop on how to get the very best from your pup, and we’ve got it!
  • Firstly, you want to make sure that you exercise your Beagle BEFORE you start training. This helps to get rid of any unnecessary energy he may have and will allow him to concentrate more on the tasks at hand!
  • Those Beagle babies are pretty darn strong willed, so pull out all of your patience and persistence for them.
  • While practicing and administering commands, always keep your Beagle on a leash. This aids in maintaining their focus and keeping them from following some unsuspecting scent on the ground!
  • When starting out, teach your Beagle puppy simple, one word commands. Be consistent and it will keep them from being confused.
  • If you’re thinking about training your Beagle puppy to be a watchdog, don’t! Surely they’ll bark at an intruder, but the bad guy will likely get licked to death than bitten or restrained!