Not Just a Pretty Face, Our Maltese Puppies for Sale are the Perfect Companion!

December 4, 2017

Learn more about our Maltese Puppies for Sale, one of the most precious small breeds out there!

There are many small breed dogs out there, but not many are as cute and cuddly as the Maltese! This little white fluff ball has been stealing their owners’ hearts for over 2,000 years! Originally from Malta, the Maltese has changed very little since their inception as the ultimate lap dog, because why mess with perfection, am I right? And because of the steady popularity of the Maltese, Furry Babies always has adorable Maltese puppies! Check them out right here!

maltese puppies for sale

What is it about the Maltese that people just love?

  • Unlike some small breeds, the Maltese is a very gentle dog while still being very attached to their beloved owners.
  • Despite their small stature, the Maltese may also be fearless and have been known to stand up against other dogs or people they consider a threat.
  • Maltese have very low exercise requirements and are therefore ideal for small condos and apartments. Just a short daily walk is all the Maltese really needs.
  • This breed is also unlike other small dogs in that they are typically a quiet, thoughtful breed, not one to bark at any odd sound or noise, so don’t expect them to be a guard dog!

Personality and characteristics of the Maltese

Maltese are all-white with the only exception of having buttercream ears. They are also a very low-shedding breed, but their hair grows continuously and will require routine grooming and maintenance. Weighing in at an average of 4-8lbs, the Maltese is one of the smallest adult dog breeds, so you have to be careful with them around small or rambunctious children. An ideal breed for those who want a loving companion, but not one that will be super-glued to you side, the Maltese thrives with both families, single people and seniors.