Learn the Basics About Our Boston Terrier Puppies

January 20, 2018

Boston Terriers certainly cut a dashing figure, with their built in “tuxedo” colors!

Boston Terriers are actually one of the few breeds that originated here in the States and is known as “America’s Gentleman Dog”. With their playful energy and upbeat attitude, the Boston Terrier makes a great companion for children and people with active lifestyles. At only 12-15lbs full grown, the Boston is an ideal small breed for those you don’t want a fussy breed, but one that is easy to manage. There are so many good things about our Boston Terrier puppies, we wanted to make a short list! Want to check out the Boston Terrier puppies we have in our stores right now? No problem, they’re all on our available puppies page!

boston terrier puppies

Read along with our blog for more on this dapper breed:

  • Boston Terrier puppies originated in Boston, Massachusetts and are one of few breeds developed in the United States.
  • The breed was recognized by the AKC in 1893, but it was first shown in Boston in 1870.
  • The original Boston Terriers were a cross between the English Bulldog and the now extinct English White Terrier.
  • Boston Terriers are good for apartments and other smaller environments.
  • They have tendencies to vacillate between extreme laziness and hyper behavior.
  • Boston Terrier puppies are particularly sensitive to weather extremes and should not be outside for long periods of time in the heat or cold.
  • They are moderate barkers.
  • Bostons have low grooming requirements, because of their short hair.
  • They are shedders, so invest in pet hair removal products for your house and cars.
  • This breed is suitable for kids, because they are known to be playful, delicate, and affectionate.
  • They require daily exercise, of which a long walk would suffice.
  • Boston Terrier puppies are intelligent dogs.
  • They learn quickly and are treat motivated, although what dog isn’t!
  • Boston Terriers can be head-strong, so have a firm hand when training and always be consistent.
  • They are very sensitive to the tone of your voice. Speak kindly!
  • They are affectionate and some owners report that they make good watchdogs.