Indoor Winter Games With Your Pooch

December 23, 2018

Winter is here! Winter is here!

For those of you in cold climates, that could mean days of being snowed in and stuck in the house. That doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing though. The Yochon puppies for sale that you’ve been eyeing and finally scooped up into your home can still bring you fun times! Take a look at these five indoor winter games you can play with your Yochon puppies.

  1. Play hide and seek.

Hide and seek is an excellent way to teach your pups the “stay” command or to reinforce what they already know. This is great because it’s also a form of exercise, it involves problem-solving, and it increases the human-animal bond! Of course, if you’ve just purchased Yochon puppies for sale, they may not know these commands, so you can always have another person hold your pups in place until you give the command for them to come and find you.

  1. Play nose work games.

What’s a nose work game you ask? It’s yet another bonding exercise to share with your puppies and it’s like a “next level” version of playing fetch. This is how it works. Start out by placing a few small, but healthy treats around the room as your pup watches you. Next, you’re going to give the command, “find the treats!” This won’t be hard! Each time a treat is located, give lots of praises, hugs, and kisses. After your pup gets the hang of it, you can start hiding them in another room!

  1. Have your pooch help with the chores.

Okay, we know that this may seem like a stretch, but it could work and be fun. We know you bought our Yochon puppies for sale for other reasons, but hey one never knows! You may not be able to get them to fold laundry, but they could learn to fetch your slippers or maybe a pair of socks (if they don’t play with them). You can get kind of fancy with this game. Ultimately, it’s another way to stimulate their minds and keep them active when there’s tons of snow on the ground and they can’t play outside quite yet.

  1. Play the “shell” game and exercise your Yochon puppies’ brains.

This is a simple game but yet another one that can adequately stimulate your pup’s brain and enhance her problem-solving skills. Put a treat under one of three cups while your pup is watching. Shuffle and move the cups about and use the same command in #2 of “find the treat.” Give lots of praise when it’s located.

  1. Stuff a stuffable toy with treats.

Kongs are perfect for this game and one of the easiest ways to alleviate boredom. Peanut butter works wonders for this. Simply fill the toy with treats and you can spread peanut butter on the inside to really get them going. They will enjoy this immensely!