How to Properly Care for a New Puppy

July 6, 2018

Now that you’ve searched for baby puppies for sale and ended up right here at Furry Babies, we want to impart some knowledge on just how to care for them.

Don’t fret, however! It’s not a daunting task. Your love for dogs has lead you to make this important decision. You’re already showing dedication, which is one of the important prerequisites! Below are tips to care for your newly purchased puppies for sale.

Research the Breed

We have many resources on our site regarding our puppies for sale, but if you can’t find your specific breed on our site, search online and become well informed on the kind of dog you have. Each specific breed requires specific types of care. Some dogs need daily exercise or grooming. Some are prone to being cold and some can’t live in hot temperatures. All of these idiosyncrasies are necessary to know to adequately care for your new puppies. Knowing the breed of your dog helps you take better care of him.

Develop a Bond

Just like with human babies, furry babies crave closeness. In the beginning stages, you want to spend as much time as possible with your new puppy. If you have the time, take off work to spend the first week with your pup. This will later facilitate proper house training, which we’ll delve into in just a bit. If you’re unable to take off, try not to leave your pup alone for long stretches of time. When you’re home, spend time cuddling and making your puppy comfortable. They’re in a new and strange place that isn’t “home” for them just yet. Trust us…this goes a long way.

Train Your Puppy’s Behavior

Absolutely no one likes being around an untrained dog. They can cause discomfort and embarrassment! Early training is imperative. If this is your first time owning a puppy, it can be somewhat challenging in the beginning. Don’t feel like you have to do it alone. You can contact us for help and also feel free to enroll in dog training classes. One thing that you absolutely must know is that dogs are creatures of habit, so consistency is key! Whatever you learn in class, you must repeat over and over again.  Training simply is not a one time thing, it’s a process! Be patient and persistent. You can do it!

Housebreaking Your Puppy

Again, training takes time, especially housebreaking newly purchased puppies for sale. Consistency is key, still! There are many options and tips. For instance, decide if you’re going to crate train your new pup. Establish walk and relief times and stick to them. Take your puppy to the same spots so that they can get used to their scent, which will encourage them to go. Will you have indoor pads for your pup to relieve himself? If so, keep them in the same place and use their urine scent to encourage them to consistently go there. You want to also keep their feeding schedules on a routine and limit their access to water after a certain time of the night. All of these tips you’ll find to be very useful. They’re tried and true!


We know we’ve given you quite a bit of information, but don’t become overwhelmed! We’re here for you so feel free to contact us with any of your questions or concerns!