How the French Bulldog Stands Out

September 11, 2018

All Bulldogs are well loved and always present on the market, but the French bulldog for sale has seen popularity like none other!  

Right now the French bulldog for sale holds the AKC’s 6th spot for most popular breeds in America. That is a rise from 10th place the previous year. In New York, the Frenchie has been the number one dog for the last three years! In Washington, DC, they have gained popularity as well. So why are they stealing the hearts of pet owners across the world so suddenly? Why are they so hot and claiming the “top dog” spot? Here’s our take!

Small Package of Big Personality

When it comes to their level of activity, you should know that these babies don’t differ from their bulldog counterparts. They are often lazy, rather quiet, and extremely affable. Frenchies are hilarious and comical. Frenchies, however, have the benefit of being much smaller which means they are more mobile than others. People who purchase the French bulldog for sale tend to have greater ease traveling with them. We should say that even though they’re small, they’re no dainty breed. They still have the bulldog in them!


People Go Batty Over Their Ears

The most distinctive feature of the French bulldog for sale is their set of big funny ears! There is simply no denying or ignoring them because they are big and “bat-like” in every way. Comparing them to other bulldogs, most have ears that flap over, but nooooo not the Frenchie. Theirs tend to stand straight up, which seems to make their hearing even stronger. These babies can hear a bag of chips opening a mile away! (We are kidding.)   


Bulldog Commonalities!

Well, we’ve talked about bulldogs several times on our fun blog, and one thing is for sure…they aren’t great swimmers. The same goes for the French bulldog for sale! They also share the inability to be in extreme weather, so that means no places too cold or too hot will do for them. They also snort and snore and make lots of funny noises, even while resting. Frenchies don’t shed as much as other bulldogs, but they will shed heavily during two seasons. During the offseason, there is little to no shedding.  Lastly, all bulldogs would prefer to sit and chill versus run all over the place, so don’t worry one bit about excessive exercising for them!


That’s it for now! We’re sure that you’ve fallen in love with a French bulldog for sale, like so many other parts of the world! Thankfully, all you have to do is stop by Furry Babies today to get in on all of the hype!