Here at Furry Babies, We’re Wild About Westies!

February 17, 2018

West Highland White Terriers, affectionately known as Westies, are adorable and jovial little dogs! 

While we say they’re little, they’re no dainty, little purse dogs – ohhh no! West Highland White Terriers are soft, but sturdy making them one of the most popular choices within the terrier breed. From television shows, to being the face of many dog food brands, the popularity of Westie puppies is evident. Here are 3 fascinating facts about these well known darlings.

Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof!

Westie puppies are little alert breed of dog. We’d like to say they’re just excellent guard dogs, but in reality their barks are for all sorts of things! They will alert you of a passing car or passerby. A wandering woodchuck wouldn’t stand a chance of being exempt from the Westie’s woof. After all, they were bred to be barkers and burrowers to flesh out game underground. Especially true for Westie puppies, their curiosity may lead them into precarious, small spaces causing them to get stuck! While it can be troublesome to some, their bark actually serves the purpose for letting hunters know of their whereabouts.

westie puppies

Training this Terrier is a Breeze

Westie puppies are highly intelligent and quick learners. They thrive and excel most when their training is positively reinforced and bolstered with consistency. Clicker training is one of the most efficient and responsive training methods for a Westie. Keep in mind that Westies are strong-willed with high self esteem, which can cause a bit of difficulty while training, but persistence will reap exceptional rewards!

Winter White Wonders

Westie puppies are surely recognizable, because of their bright white coats. Their snow white fur kept them highly visible while they were hunting. Back in the 1800’s, Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm was out hunting with a pack of Cairn terriers, which are brownish and tan in color.  Unfortunately, the Colonel accidentally shot and killed his favorite dog that he’d mistaken for a rabbit or fox. Devastated by this tragic mistake, he vowed to never hunt with any dogs other than white ones, which of course were Westies.