Why You Need A Golden Retriever Puppy, Like Right Now!

December 14, 2017

Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale – This Breed Really Does Have it All!

Oh the joys of pet ownership! There are few puppies quite as “awwww” inducing as a litter of Golden Retriever puppies for sale, we would know! And speaking frankly, few puppies are as well-suited to almost any type of family as a Golden. Though a large breed, the Golden is extremely gentle and patient with children of all ages and fits in well with other dogs and pets. And because of this adaptability and ease, the Golden will remain in the running for most popular breeds in America for a loooooong time! Want to be “awwwww” induced right now? Check out our available puppies page and get ready!

golden retriever puppies for sale

The long standing history of the Golden Retriever

Originally bred in Scotland by Lord Tweedmouth (no joke!), the Golden was tasked to retrieve fowl and other small game for their hunter owners. But Tweedmouth wasn’t satisfied with just a hunting dog, he wanted an even tempered, eager-to-please breed that would also be a great companion inside the home and thus, the Golden Retriever as we know it today was born! Officially recognized by the AKC in 1932, the Golden Retriever is second only to the Labrador in popularity in the States according to the club.

Gentle friends, but hard workers

Some people forget that the Golden is a working breed and has the energy and stamina that mark the class. Goldens need daily exercise like playtime in the park, fetch in the backyard or a light jog (if you’re into that type of thing!). That’s why this breed excels in training as a special needs dog and remains the top choice for those people who need guide animal. Their affable nature and gentle disposition make them ideal for small children through seniors.

Those signature flowing locks!