French Bulldog Puppies for Sale Are Sweeping the Nation in Popularity!

November 27, 2017

Are you looking for French Bulldog puppies for sale in Illinois for your family?

Well, you’re not the only one! This playful, snorty little breed has been a rising star of popularity the last 5 years and shows no signs of slowing down. With their “clown-like” personalities and small stature, the French Bulldog has been stealing hearts left and right. But how much do you know about French Bulldogs? If you’re not sure if they may be right for you, just read along with our blog for characteristics and information about their appearance! Furry Babies always has French Bulldog puppies for sale, they are one of our most favorite breeds!


french bulldog puppies for sale

French Bulldog characteristics

French Bulldogs typically stay around 18-28lbs and are built very much like English bulldogs, just on a smaller scale. They do have one feature that sets them apart though, those funny little ears! Described as “bat-like”, Frenchie ears are some of the cutest in the dog world, but we may be a little partial! The breed originally came from England, but made their way to France with lace makers in the 1800s, where they were bred smaller to be lap dogs and companions.

Frenchies can come in many different colors, the most common being fawn with a black mask, but you can also see black, brindle, red, cream, pied and even merle! They have cute, little screwtails that are not docked, which is usually why they wag their whole backend to show you how happy they are to be near you! Frenchies are also not a very active breed and do very well in smaller environments like an apartment or condo.

It’s not all fun and games, but mostly though!

Because the French Bulldog is a brachycephalic breed, which is a fancy word for “flat faced”, but with breeds like this you have to be careful having them out in extreme weather. Frenchies do not take to high temperatures very well and will overheat quickly. And with their top heavy bodies, Frenchies typically make terrible swimmers, so just make sure you watch them around water. But with so much cuteness and love packed into a little body, we don’t think these things take away from the overall awesomeness of the French Bulldog!

We think that there are so many qualities about the French Bulldog that make them perfect for families! If you want to check out our French Bulldog puppies for sale, just visit our available puppies page!