Five Tips to Help You Raise Boxer Puppies

November 3, 2018

At Furry Babies, we don’t just want you to come into our store and purchase one of our Boxer puppies for sale.

We want you to be armed with the best knowledge that will make your new adventure a smooth transition. For this reason, we’ve put together some tips on how to help you raise our Boxer puppies for sale. Take a look and let us know if you have any questions by contacting us by clicking here.

Tip #1

Set Routine Vet Appointments

If you haven’t planned your annual vet appointment, now is the time to do so. One of the main factors of keeping your Boxers healthy is by making and keeping regular appointments with your vet.

Tip #2

Provide Love & Companionship

Most people know that dogs inherently like to travel in packs, which makes them very social animals. Keep this in mind with your pup. Pack animals feel their best when they’re physically close to their families. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you must spend all of your time with your dog. It means that we don’t suggest leaving them isolated, whether it’s outside or inside. They truly need to feel and be part of your life. Foster their innate attachment and enhance the bond with your puppy.

Tip #3

Feed a Healthy, Balanced Diet

Nutrition is key to maintaining the health of any dogs, so our Boxer puppies for sale start their lives eating high-quality, age-appropriate food. When you take your pup home, make sure that you continue the same healthy diet. Feed your dog according to his or her size, activity level, and the recommendations of your vet. If you over or underfeed your dog, you will surely notice it in the future. Make the best decision now and stick with it.

Tip #4

Keep Them Stimulated Physically and Mentally

Though they are young when our Boxer puppies for sale come to our store, we make sure that they are socialized and exercise. As we mentioned earlier, dogs are social animals so allow them to learn and interact with other dogs early in their lives. Keep them socialized throughout and be sure to exercise them. When they’re puppies, that’s the perfect time to start training your dogs. Start with basic commands and work your way up to high-fives with the paw!

Tip #5

Grooming and Maintenance

There’s very little daily upkeep with the Boxer puppies for sale in our store. They don’t require haircuts or trimming. Bathe them every couple of months and use wipes to clean them in the interim. Now, if your pup sneaks out to play on a rainy day, then use your discretion!