Fall and Winter Activities fit for the Whole Family

November 2, 2021

After a year of being snuggled on the couch with your dog, we know the separation anxiety is real – for both of you. Dogs are very adaptable creatures so don’t stress too much. Sometimes you just have to leave them at home while you go to work and take care of life’s other responsibilities. However, you may simply want to bring them along whenever you can and we get it! For a list of possible activities for you and your furry pal, look no further.

Just Beachy

Did you know some beaches that don’t allow dogs in peak season do allow them during off-season (aka October-February)? If your dog can hang at the beach, it’s a wonderland of smells, and sights regardless of the time of year; and if monitored the edge of the ocean can also be a great place for dogs to dip their paws and enjoy new sensory feelings on their feet.

Plus, you’re actually encouraged to dig at the beach– it’s like heaven on earth for pups! Cooler weather also helps minimize risk of overheating while playing in the sand, but remember to apply SPF balm on their nose (and exposed skin) because the sun still comes out in the winter!

Farms and Orchards

One awesome perk about outdoor activities on lots of land is that they are likely to allow dogs. Even after all the pumpkins are picked, a lot of the farms that host pumpkin patches and apple picking are still open and operational throughout the rest of the year. Be sure to check with your local farms before loading up your pup in the car but many will tell you to bring the whole fam!

Visit a Cider Mill

If you enjoy checking out breweries, cider mills are very similar! They often have plenty of non-alcoholic ciders, yummy snacks, and room for kids and pets to run around! Just make sure to call ahead and ask as always.

For Those Who DIY

If you’re planning to pick up some plants or DIY equipment, you might be headed to Home Depot or Lowes. This store is notorious for letting dogs walk around it’s seemingly endless concrete isles but have you ever thought about bringing your dog to the plant nursery there? Smelling all those flowers, bushes, and trees is like a doggie carnival.

Retail Therapy

Get it? Shopping can be a great way to de-stress and lots of stores you probably never even considered bringing your dog to actually wish you would! In addition to actual pet shops that would love you and your pal to peruse the aisles, Nordstrom, Pottery Barn, and the Apple Store are pet-friendly too!

A Chauffer’s Companion

Going to pick the kids up from school, running to grab a friend from the airport, stopping by the grocery store to load up a curb-side order into the car? With people traveling more that means more driving. You know what makes driving all around creation more fun? Having a furry little backseat driver. A great tip is also to bring along some training treats and any time they’re in a new environment, ask someone to toss a few treats in through the car window – your dog will associate the place with friendly people and will start adapting to be chill in the car.

It’s a great idea to take your dog places you’re already going. They will love it and the more you incorporate these places into their routine, they will become easy, low-energy activities that become a little more fun.