English Mastiff – The Gentle Giant

May 7, 2019

The English Mastiff is truly a gentle giant! Once you get past their startling size, you’ll realize just how sweet they are. At Furry Babies, we always have an English Mastiff for sale and we are also equipped with giving you some tips on how to care for them, in addition to some knowledge about their history and personality. Continue reading below to be in the know!

Size Matters…

…or does it? It turns out that despite their size, getting an English Mastiff for sale and adding them to your home won’t be such an arduous task after all. They require exercise and it’s good for them, just like any other dog, however, you’ll be surprised to learn that they only need moderate exercise. They live a pretty sedentary lifestyle. They’re not quite the couch potato but they will chill for extended amounts of time! When they’re not, they serve as excellent watchdogs and therapy dogs. If you train them and keep them in tiptop physical shape, they can also excel at tracking, obedience, carting, and search and rescue.

Speaking of Size

We want you to know that the English Mastiff for sale that you have purchased or are thinking about buying is known to have a longer than normal puppy phase! Yep, you read that correctly. The puppy phase is much longer than in most other breeds. Although teenage Mastiffs grow to be quite large, they really aren’t finished growing or reaching their final physical and mental maturity until they are 3 years old. Although there is no breed standard that identifies their maximum height, there is a minimum which is 30 inches for males and 27.5 inches for females. An English Mastiff for sale can have heights that can go up to 36 inches! There is also no weight standard, but they can weigh anywhere from 160 – 230 pounds for males and 120 – 170 pounds for females.


The English Mastiff has an intimidating size, no doubt about that, but there’s no need to fear them. They are quite a dignified and yet good-natured dog. They’re extremely loving and affectionate and they are definitely good watchdogs, despite their generally calm dispositions. These dogs tend to be suspicious of strangers and protective of their perceived territory. Even still, they aren’t big time barkers! When it comes to kids, you’ll want to be mindful of really little ones around them, simply because of their grand sizes. They’ll do better in homes with older kids unless they’re raised early on with toddlers.


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