Different Ways to Care for Your Maltipoo

June 18, 2019

Little dogs are special, but at Furry Babies, we respect your individual tastes and decisions. We love all dogs – big or small! In this post, we’re going to highlight and talk about our precious Maltipoo dog breeds that we have in our store! These little beauties can sometimes suffer from separation anxiety and so we want you to know how you can care for them when you’re gone for long periods of time.

Limit their roaming space.

Leaving a curious puppy alone with access to the entire house may not be the best choice and decision to make. It can be both dangerous for you, your belongings, and Maltipoo dog breeds. If possible, utilize a crate or use a gate to section off areas that are permissible for your precious pup to roam, and chill.

Monitor their anxiousness when you depart.

Dogs are highly social creatures by nature. They long to please their owners and they always want to be around you. This is part of the reason why we share such a love for Maltipoo dog breeds and many other breeds. In order to alleviate any separation anxiety they may have, we want you to provide them with toys and activities that will keep them entertained while you’re away. Don’t do too much when you depart. Simply leave and make it quick. Lingering will make them sad and anxious. Chew toys and anything from the Kong toy line (size appropriate) will be sufficient. You can stuff tasty treats in them and they’ll be fully occupied while you’re gone.

Consider daycare.

Doggie daycare centers are a growing trend and they’re absolutely perfect for certain dogs like Maltipoo dog breeds that loathe being alone. Take some time to search for facilities in your area. You can also look into dog walking or dog sitting options too. These will assist with keeping your pup occupied and in the company of others while you’re away.


Let us know if you have more questions about how to care for Maltipoo dog breeds. At Furry Babies, we’d be ecstatic to assist you today and always.