Designer Breeds: We Have The 411 On Yorkichon Puppies!

February 20, 2018

Don’t get it confused, the Yorkichon is quickly becoming one of the most popular designer breed puppies out there!

Yorkichon puppies are cute, cuddly and great companions, which are all reasons why they have become so very popular recently! Here at Furry Babies, we always have the cutest Yorkichon puppies in the state! Just stop by any of our convenient locations today or check out our website for pictures for all of our puppies for sale!

Say My Name, Say My Name

There are seemingly tons of designer breed dogs. You know, the ones that are the result of a mix of two purebred dogs. They are also called hybrids and we have those puppies here at Furry Babies. We’re highlighting one of our favs, which is a Yorkshire Terrier and Bichon Frise that has been blissfully and irresistibly blended. Folks have gotten really creative, so you’ll see that they’re also known as a Yo-Chon, Borkie, Yorkshire Frise, or the Yorkichon.

yorkiechon puppies

On Their Best Behavior

As common with any mixed breed dog, the Yorkichon will exhibit a combination of traits from its parent breeds. These puppies are rather independent, however they’ll still enjoy your company and being around the family. What’s really attractive about them is that you can run errands, go to work, or be gone for significant amounts of time and not worry incessantly about them worrying incessantly about you. They don’t typically suffer from separation anxiety and that makes all dog owners smile with ease. No worries though, they will undoubtedly still greet you with excitement!

Healthy Little Furballs!

Yorkichon puppies are generally healthy dogs, living 12 to 15 years! That’s really one of the main reasons people have been flocking to designer breeds, they don’t usually fall prey to ailments that can sometimes plague a purebred puppy. It also tends to smooth over any harsh behavioral traits that may follow a purebred, resulting in a wonderful pet.