Charming Cavalier King Charles Puppy

June 21, 2018

An affectionate, graceful, and active toy dog, Cavalier King Charles puppies for sale are well rounded canines.

They serve as excellent family companions, getting along wonderfully with younger and older children, other family pets and dogs, and strangers. They are not overly excitable, and yet nowhere near boring. They’re just gentle and generally happy, loving to be in your lap or simply by your side.

Cavalier King Charles puppies for sale are perfect for families, couples, singles, and the elderly. The Cavalier craves and requires human attention, so are not well suited for anyone that is gone away often on a regular basis. Left alone a lot, they will certainly display negative behavior such as incessant barking and physically destructive behavior. What can’t we say about these almost Cavalier King Charles puppies for sale, other than we’ve got them!

Here Are Some Fun Facts:

They’re Royal and Regal

King Charles II, who lived and ruled England in the 17th century, was an extreme fan of the toy spaniels, they’re namesake. He was known as the Cavalier King, which is how they got the other part of their name. He loved them so much that he instituted a law that allowed Cavalier King Charles puppies for sale to not be barred from any public place, even the House of Parliament, where all animals were otherwise forbidden.

After King Charles II passed away, the hype surround the breed started to fade and the Pug became popular. The King Charles Spaniel was bred with them, giving it a shorter snout and domed head. These features are still part of the King Charles Spaniel, which is a different breed from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Flee the Fleas

Called comfort dogs, Cavalier King Charles spaniels were often brought into beds. They were meant to attract fleas and be bitten instead of their owners, thus saving their humans from the plague or other diseases.