Caring for Your Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

March 6, 2019

If you’re reading this, we’re hoping there’s one of two reasons –  either you just purchased one of our Yorkie puppies or you’re about to purchase one!

Okay, those are our hopes, but in any case, you’re here and we’re here to provide with some basic tips to care for your Yorkie.

Let’s Talk About Diets and Exercising

Like every dog, Yorkie puppies will need a balanced diet. Along with some form of exercise, these are the basic foundations that make for a healthy dog. Are you thinking that Yorkie puppies won’t need exercise? You’re wrong but also just a little bit right. Overall they won’t need a lot of exercise but surely a daily walk will be physically and mentally stimulating for your dog.

With respect to their diets, you definitely want to ensure that you purchase the highest quality of food for Yorkies and for small dogs. If you’ve recently gotten one of our Yorkie puppies for sale, we’ll let you know what foods we’ve been feeding your pup and you can either purchase the same or make a very gradual transition from the previous one to a new one. We can help you with this process.

For young Yorkie puppies, follow the guidelines for feeding puppies at their age and weight. Puppies eat more than adult dogs, much like with human babies. They eat a lot in the beginning and their diets and feedings change and stabilize a bit. Always provide access to fresh water for your puppies. This is important. In the beginning of their precious lives, keep the treats and snacks to a minimal until their systems have developed more and when they’ve truly earned treats for reasons other than looking so stinkin’ cute!

Let’s Talk About Vet Visits and At-Home Care

All of our puppies, including Yorkie puppies for sale, have been vaccinated and dewormed and have a general certified healthy stamp of approval! We start them on the right path, but as a pet owner, you’re responsible for the physical upkeep (not just their gorgeous grooming). This means making sure that you have a veterinarian you trust and you’re going to routine checkups.

We want to also stress the importance of brushing your Yorkie puppies’ teeth. Dental disease in dogs is a real threat to their health. Brushing your dog’s teeth a few times a week will greatly help with the prevention of tartar build-ups and eventually tooth loss or dental disease.


Caring for your pup is a labor of love, responsibility, and discipline! Keep up good work. Here at Furry Babies, we aim to help you in this endeavor. Contact us today for more information.