Bringing Home Baby

December 14, 2018

Having a baby is a joyful occasion!

Not only are precious memories created for the baby but also for the precious pooch you’ve got in your house. It’s been some time since you’ve purchased Labrador Retriever puppies for sale and now your family has grown. There are some important steps to take and consider before your baby is born and introduced to the pup in your life. Take a look at these five tips we’ve put together.  

  1. Obedience is Key

One of the most important tips to having a peaceful introduction of the human baby to the furry baby is to ensure that the latter is trained well before they meet. One of the most fascinating traits that lead you to buy one of the Labrador Retriever puppies for sale is their intelligence. Take advantage of their high trainability before bringing home your new baby. They should know “sit,” “stay,” and “down,” with no problems. “Leave it” or “drop it” are great commands, too.


  1. Make Changes to Rules Early

To make the introduction to the new baby as seamless as possible, start implementing new rules in the home early and as soon as possible. It’s time to teach your pup new ways to do things sooner than later!


  1. Allow an Adjustment Period for New Routines

Be open and allow the Labrador Retriever puppies for sale that you purchased time to adjust to the new rules. It’s it highly likely that you’ll be waking up at new times and doing a host of things that are uncommon for your household. Your dog is going to pick up on these new routines and changes. Allow him time to adjust, but try to keep as much the same as possible. For instance, if possible try to keep his walking and eating habits the same.


  1. Introduce Baby Sounds and Objects

Babies are loud and they look different than adults and it can be scary for dogs. There’s no surprise that they become frightened when a baby squeals in delight or from hunger. It’s a weird experience to witness, which is why it’s important to introduce the baby and dog early. Start with giving the dog a scented blanket or washrag of the baby before you leave the hospital. Start playing baby related shows on TV to get your furry baby acclimated to the various sounds.


  1. Have a Proper Introduction

The time has come!!! When you first come home from the hospital it’s best to have another person hold the baby while you greet your dog. You’ve been gone for some time and your Labrador Retriever puppies have likely missed you. Have a normal greeting and then bring in the baby. Do this slowly and monitor your dog. Allow him to investigate, on leash, in the beginning. Once he’s done, praise him. If this scenario doesn’t play out so well, cut the introduction off and do it again over the next few days. Soon he’ll be used to the new addition to the family!