Boxer Puppies: What to Expect with These Cuties!

July 28, 2019

We have to be honest – it really doesn’t matter to us if dogs are small in stature or large and in charge.

At Furry Babies, we are simply dog lovers and that’s never going to change. Whether we’re cooing over our Boxer puppies for sale or spending some downtime with Yorkies, we can’t get enough. In this post, we’re doing a personality check on what you should expect when you add one of these buxom beauties to your family!

  • Let’s delve into talking specifically about our Boxer puppies for sale. Boxer puppies are cute and cuddly and they grow to be big, cute, and cuddly! The Boxer is a medium to large dog breed, but these eternal puppies don’t know that. Forever the playful and kid-friendly dog, they are sure to fit into a family easily. Owners will tell you that while it can be a challenge at some times, it is absolutely wonderful that their Boxer has more time being a puppy.
  • You can expect that your Boxer puppy will be goofy and yet protective. For sure, it can be very fun to have a big, strong looking dog behave with so much enthusiasm and energy! As we said, they’re goofy and comical and many of them will purposely try to make their human family members laugh by performing silly antics. In fact, if they notice that a certain action produced happy feelings and garnered them even more attention in the spotlight, they’ll keep right on doing it repetitiously!
  • As they finally get out of the puppy stage and grow older, they become a bit more serious. When Boxer puppies for sale are purchased, they’re rather hyper. This behavior does eventually change and they are not as rambunctious as they were as pups. To keep them healthy and to burn off energy (because they will still have plenty) you will need to exercise them every day. Play frisbee. Go for long run/walks. Take them for a swim. They will literally enjoy any physical and fun activity you introduce to them. Boxers are true joys and for larger dogs, they still have a pretty good lifespan. 


As you can tell from one visit to a list of all of our currently available puppies we’ve got some of every breed. Should you desire more information on our Boxer puppies for sale or any of our furry babies, we’re just one click away!