Benefits to Socializing Your Dog

January 8, 2019

At Furry Babies, we take pride in taking care of our puppies and we want them to leave us and further flourish.

The best way for that to happen is through training and socialization. These are four of our reasons why you should socialize your dog.

Socialization Promotes Healthy Lives

Dogs who are active and have owners who allow them the time to spend exercising, interacting, and playing with other dogs are happier. These dogs lead healthy lives because they are stimulated both physically and mentally. Having fun and burning off energy is fun for them. Socialization ensures that your puppy has a well-balanced life.

Socialization Develops Confidence

By socializing your dog, they will develop behaviors that will make them become well-rounded puppies. Taking your dog around new people, pets, and situations open up their world to different sounds and smells. The more they’re exposed, the more they will become adjusted to whatever they encounter. For instance, squirrels are the perfect example. Dogs who aren’t outside a lot may see a squirrel and try to chase and attack it (almost always unsuccessfully). Dogs who have been socialized know it’s not worth the chase or energy! Taking your dog to public places will also socialize your pup as he’ll learn positive behavior on how to act.

Socialization Helps With New Transitions and Situations

Dogs who haven’t be socialized with others humans or pets are often very fearful of new situations and circumstances. They may cower when meeting new people or even seeing other dogs and in response to various sounds. When they are socialized, it’s like a walk in the park, literally and figuratively!


These are just four benefits to socializing your dog and there are absolutely no downsides, as long as precautions and preparations are made. Your dog will be a happier animal and the bond between you and your pup will only grow stronger.