Behind the Scenes of the Boston Terrier!

March 26, 2018

The Boston Terrier puppy has undoubtedly become a very popular dog breed over recent years.

Their small but sturdy bodies and big bubbly eyes win over hearts and homes time and time again. These gentle natured and incredibly intelligent dogs have a great reputation. Little to no negative personality attributes are associated with them, for they’re known as the (ahem *clears throat) American Gentlemen! Increasingly, they’ve managed to secure a brag worthy position pretty high up on the AKC rankings.

Born and Bred in the US of A!

The breed, just as their name suggests, originated in Boston, Massachusetts somewhere around 1870, then later adapted the name “Boston Terrier,” in 1891. They were finally and formally recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1893. In the 20th century, they began being bred to be much smaller, loving companions!

boston terrier puppy

All Back to the Beginning

Interestingly enough, almost all Boston Terrier puppies can trace their families back to an imported Bulldog named “Hooper’s Judge,” after his owner. The crossing of the English Bulldog with a white English Terrier produced a terrier named Gyp. Later, “Well’s Eph,” a descendant from those dogs was bred to a dog named “Tobin’s Kate.” Hooper’s Judge weighed more than 27 pounds and Boston Terriers weighed as much as 44 pounds. Soon breeders began shooting for a smaller dog, who consequently were then interbred with French Bulldogs to help reduce the breed’s size.

The Boston of Today

Boston Terriers today weigh 25 pounds or less. They are affectionate and sweet house dogs! Testing the brilliance of the Boston Terrier, some owners train and allow their pups to participate in events that involve agility and obedience, where they thrive best! Our charming Boston Terrier puppies for sale come from highly respected and reputable breeders and they’d love to find a loving home, snuggled up right next to you!