Are You Looking for Puppies for Sale in Chicago?

March 12, 2019

At Furry Babies, we know that if you search the internet for something generic like “baby puppies” the search results will be overwhelming and endless, but if you’re looking for “puppies for sale in Chicago,” then you’ve found the right place!

As future pet owners, sometimes there just isn’t enough time in your schedule to visit unfamiliar breeders in states outside of your own. You want to have the opportunity to see those precious baby puppies up close and in person with ease and efficiently. Furry Babies is the place to be and here are three good reasons why.

We Have Superior Care

We strongly believe that when baby puppies who were reared properly during their first few weeks and months of life play a part in how they will continue to flourish, both physically and mentally.  Our nurseries are the perfect place to rear young pups. These puppies for sale in Chicago at Furry Babies will have everything they need to grow. We provide superior care. Our baby puppies sleep in comfortable environments that allow them to space to explore and rest.

All of our baby puppies have been vaccinated and de-wormed. This is the standard for all of our puppies. All of our little furry babies are on healthy and nutritious diets, fed well and regularly with access to fresh water.

We Have Pure Breed and Designer Dogs

At Furry Babies, we want you to know that our dogs are of the highest quality! We develop bonds with all of our baby puppies for sale in Chicago, so it’s important to us that we have breeds that are pure and reputable. We also require the same high standards for our designer breed dogs. You know, pups like our Maltipoos (mix of Maltese and Toy Poodle) are designer breeds? They are from trusted breeders.

We’ll Provide You with Basic Training

If you are a new pet owner, we will give you information that will help you get acclimated with your new puppy at home. We’ll tell you about essential items you’ll need to purchase, as well as general advice about their diets. Our goal to help you make our baby puppies’ transitions to their new homes one that sails smoothly!


Furry Babies is the place to be when you’re searching for puppies for sale in Chicago. Take a look at our available puppies by clicking here We’ll see you soon!