7 Interesting Facts about the Maltese Puppy

June 12, 2018

Celebs love ‘em!

There’s no surprise knowing that Maltese puppies for sale are so loved and popular. They’ve been kept and cherished by Elizabeth Taylor, Jessica Simpson, Elvis, Jane Fonda, and Marilyn Monroe, just to name a few!


They’re colorful and nosey!

The noses of Maltese puppies for sale will change depending on their sunlight location. This means if they are in the shade, it will be one color and the same goes for if they’re in direct sunlight! Isn’t that enlightening?!


They’ve been around the block a few times.

Maltese dogs are the older of the toy breeds, having been rumored to have existed for more than 28 centuries. It’s also rumored that they originated on the Island of Malta. Supposedly they were brought back to England by early crusaders and quickly, those Maltese puppies for sale became the favorite of the wealthy and fashionable during those times.



Speaking of wealthy, the wealthiest Maltese was named “Trouble.” He belonged to billionaire and New York City Hotelier, Leona Helmsley. When she passed away in 2007, she left an estimated $12 million of her fortune towards care for and providing daily comfort to Trouble.


Maltese to the rescue!

Way back in 264 B.C., Callimachus was the first to write about the medicinal purposes of purchasing Maltese puppies for sale. The Maltese dog was placed on the stomach or chest of the sick and it’s said that the pup’s warmth eased pain.


The perfect send-off.

If you purchases Maltese puppies for sale and raised them in Greece, when they lived their lives and passed away, the pup was guaranteed the best service ever! They were actually commemorated by the Greeks, with special tombs.


As Luck would have it.

There was a Maltese dog named of Lucky, who held the title, as authenticated by the Guinness Book of Records, of being photographed with the most celebrities. That’s 363 to be exact!