7 Facts about the Labrador Retriever Puppy

June 6, 2018

They’re America’s Favorite Breed

According to the American Kennel Club, lab puppies for sale have ranked at the highest spot of most popular breeds for 24 consecutive years. This is the longest reign of any breed in AKC history. While we’re talking about their history, The Guide Dogs of America say that Labs make up 70% of their dogs. The remainder goes to Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds, 15% respectively for both.

What’s In Their Name?

After a trip to Canada in 1887, the Earl brought these dogs home with him to England and referred to those Lab puppies for sale as his “Labrador dogs.” Some historians acknowledge how the Newfoundland and Labrador Retriever are so close geographically, hence lumping the territories together and referring to the whole area as Labrador. Others believe they got their names because they were often seen swimming in the Labrador Sea, which by the way is not from where they come. They are actually from Newfoundland, not Labrador.

Labs Are Fisherman!

Okay, not quite, but historically they were bred to be water dogs. They have water resistant double coats that provide insulation, and short fur that keeps them warm that doesn’t slow them down when it gets wet. Lab puppies for sale have webbed toes that aids with fast swimming. Their owners would used them to recover escaped fish found in nets between boats. Fun fact, outside of the water, they can sprint, running 12 miles an hour in 3 seconds.

They’re a Colorful Surprise

Regardless of the parents’ color, one litter can include chocolate, black, and yellow, lab puppies for sale. There are two genes that cause the pigmentation of the coat, that will result in a variation of coats, much like the variation of human hair colors.

They Can Tell You if You Have Cancer.

Many Lab puppies for sale are simply loving companions in loving homes. There are others who are hard working to save the lives of humans. Because of their powerful noses and sense of smell, there are Labrador Retrievers that have been trained to identify early stages of cancer. Through work with cancer cell samples, dogs can learn to smell the disease and make their diagnosis from smelling a patient’s breath, blood, or stool. Currently, the only known way to screen for the early stages of ovarian cancer is by letting a Labrador sniff the patient.

Labs Are Politicians

In 1981, a black Lab mix named Bosco won the election to become the honorary mayor of Sunol, California and he actually won against two human candidates. He remained the mayor until 1994, which is when he died.

Canadian tax laws helped labs become a distinct breed.

There was a combination of new Canadian taxes and a new requirement to have animals that were imported into England  be quarantine. Eventually, those original Lab puppies for sale became extinct in Canada. Thanks to Scotland, they survived via Great Britain. They were finally recognized by the English Kennel Club in 1903.