5 Benefits of Owning a Puppy – The Checklist

June 9, 2018

Go socialize!

There’s a study that has been conducted that links pet ownership to having higher self-esteem. They have been known to feel more conscientious and possessing the ability to bounce back from social rejection easier and better. Another study revealed that women and single adults experienced the greatest mental well-being benefit from owning a dog. At Furry Babies, our precious puppies for sale in Illinois will help to prove these theories.


Cough cough – Woof woof!

Purchase puppies for sale in Illinois to chase away colds! One study conducted on college students reported benefits to their overall health, specifically to the immune system of those students who were asked to pet dogs. The comparison was to those who were asked to pet stuffed animals or nothing at all.


Life Detectors!

In addition to having the ability to sniff out cancer, owning puppies for sale in Illinois can be beneficial to persons who experience seizure. Or for people who struggle with severe allergies to peanuts, a dog’s extraordinary sense of smell can be used to catch that nut before their owner has a potential reaction.


They lower blood pressure.

Blood pressure doesn’t just affect older people or obese people. It is something we all should monitor and thankfully purchasing puppies for sale in Illinois can help keep it in check. A study from the American Heart Association found pet owners generally have lowered blood pressure brought on by mental stress.


They ease workday pressures.

You’ve heard of “bring your child to work” day? Well, there should be a “bring your dog to work” day, too! Imagine having a potentially stressful day and then leaning over to see one of they precious puppies for sale in Illinois that you own right by your side! Research shows that employees who brought furry babies to the office reported lower levels of perceived stress throughout the day.