4 Reasons Why You Should Own a Puppy

June 3, 2018

Did you have a bad day at work? Get into an argument with your bestie or significant other? Are you unhappy for unknown reasons?

Well, we’re here to tell you that there are ways to alleviate and lessen those stresses and it’s with purchasing puppies. This is true! Having the love and adoration and affection of dogs has been scientifically proven to have positive effects, both physically and mentally. We’ve put together 4 reasons how and why dogs can make humans happier and healthier.

They keep you active.

If you have purchased one of the adorable puppies, then you have most likely walked it. Studies have shown that 34% of dog owners are more likely to reach the weekly recommended 150 minutes of exercise than non-dog owners. That exercise truly adds up, even if it’s low impact. Walking is a great form of exercise for humans and dogs alike.

Dogs lower your stress levels.

Playing with your pup or simply petting or interacting with them can lower your stress. The bonding exchange increases the release of levels of feel good hormones like oxytocin to be released in your brain. This also decreases the production of cortisol, which is a stress inducing hormone.

They’re healthy for your heart.

Researchers at the American Heart Association found that having a dog can reduce your risk of getting cardiovascular disease. Now, go ahead and cuddle with one of the adorable baby puppies for sale that you’ve purchased!

They therapists of sorts.

Animal assisted therapy (AAT), also referred as pet therapy, has been linked to the reduction of pain, depression, and anxiety, in people with a range of mental or physical health issues. Patients undergoing chemotherapy, physical therapy, or veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, have all benefited from pet therapy. Physical therapy patients have been known to strengthen their fine motor skills, through interacting with pets. At Miami University, students are able to use pet therapy to alleviate feelings of homesickness and depression. Dogs are actually on-call during midterms and finals, during times when those feelings are at their highest.