3 Things about Raising Yorkie Puppies

June 16, 2019

Have you been looking for “Yorkie puppies for sale near me” online to no avail? Perhaps you have been searching for “Yorkie puppies for sale near me” and wound up on our site. Congratulations if the latter is the case! Look no further because we have what you want. Take a look at our available puppies page to see for yourself! Because we love these pups so much, we’ve put together a list of adorable facts about Yorkie puppies for sale.

  1. They are adorable (did we mention that already?).

Newborn Yorkie puppies have soft fur, tiny eyes, and squeaky cries. As they grow and start to develop their hearty personalities, you’ll create unforgettable memories and uncontrollable laughter. These adorable puppies can bring joy to our families and our homes.

  1. They need TLC, tender, loving, care.

Yorkies need lots of love, care, and attention. In our Furry Babies locations, we provide just that, ten times over. They’re accustomed to this special attention so they’ll want the same when they reach your home. Because of their small size and keen emotional dependency, it’s up to you to give them what they want, which is tender, loving, care!

  1. Housebreaking has its challenges.

Okay, we’ve got to be honest here. Yorkie puppies for sale have tiny bladders and sometimes it difficult to train them. We think it also has to do with the fact that because they’re so small, their accidents aren’t as grand as, let’s say, a Rottweiler! In any case, you’ve got to be diligent with training them. Puppy pads are great in the beginning for them, in addition to crate training. When you started searching “Yorkie puppies for sale near me,” we’re hoping that you took all of this into consideration. Even if you didn’t, don’t give up! Your Yorkie will come around and eventually decrease the number of accidents around your home.


Yorkie puppies are one of the most sought after and wanted dog breeds and we know exactly why. We think you do too, which is why you had been looking online for “Yorkie puppies for sale near me.” Visit our store today to start the process of owning one, if you’re one of our future customers!