15 More Fantastic Facts about Siberian Husky Puppies

August 21, 2018

Their piercing and colorful eyes, along with their striking wolf-like appearances make our Siberian Husky puppies for sale a uniquely desired canine!

Continue reading to learn more about their history and the impact their presence has made on the world!

  • From 1938 to 1991, Siberian Huskies were called Arctic Huskies. Their names later changed to Siberian Husky to represent their origins in Siberia.


  • Are you looking for an exercise companion? If you’ve answered “yes” then come to grab one of our Husky puppies for sale because they are very athletic and have extremely high energy!


  1. They can’t hide, because of their sizes, but these precious pooches are escape artists! They like to explore and will wander away from home if not kept properly secured.


  • These dogs need companionship to thrive, so purchase several of our Husky puppies for sale!


  • Are you having a sad or bad day? Guess what. There are scientific studies that have shown that Huskies show a response to human tears and will naturally want to comfort you.


  • When you visit one of our Husky puppies for sale, you may notice that he doesn’t bark but rather yelp! They are not big barkers but are big talkers!


  • If you have a large yard, your newly purchased Husky puppies for sale will love it! They enjoy digging and will do so to find a cool spot to chill in. They will also, however, dig at carpet and furniture!


  • Females are usually smaller than males. They stand 20 to 22 inches high from ground to shoulder and weigh 30 to 50 pounds.


  • We mentioned that they’re energetic, right? Well, Huskies can run up to 28 mph!


  • Contrary to popular myths, their colorful eyes can actually see in color.


  • Huskies do not have an appendix.


  • Our Husky puppies for sale are purebred, not hybrid dogs.


  • Huskies shed a lot on a regular basis. They also shed their undercoat twice a year. This process is called “blowing their coat.”


  • The undercoat of Huskies is vital to its protection against extreme temperatures, so they should never be shaved.


  • The Husky’s top coat is waterproof and reflects heat in the summer. This means despite their full and fluffy coats, and they’re safe to have in warmer climates.