12 Fun Facts About Golden Retriever Puppies

June 18, 2018

America’s Favorite Pupper!

  1. Take one of your newly purchased Golden Retriever puppies for sale to the beach or lake with you, because they are known to be exceptional swimmers.
  2. There’s a baby kangaroo in Australia named Dusty who thinks his mom is a Golden Retriever named Lilly.
  3. There’s also a Golden Retriever named Augie who has the Guinness Record title for holding the most tennis balls, 5 regulation sized ones to be exact, in its mouth.
  4. Golden Retriever puppies for sale are popular pooches with celebs. Famous folks like Oprah, Adam Levine, and Jimmy Fallon, have all bought Golden Retriever puppies for sale. They’ve even made it to the White House, being first dogs for presidents Reagan and Ford.
  5. Because they’re so highly trainable, Golden Retriever puppies for sale are very popular in movies and TV shows.
  6. Based on a study conducted in France, if a guy has a purchased one the Golden Retriever puppies for sale in a litter and has one out with him, he’s more likely to get a girl’s phone number! Talk about being lucky in love!
  7. Though they may seem so when you’re looking for Golden Retriever puppies for sale, no two Goldens are the same. Much like human fingerprints, their nose prints differ.
  8. Golden Retriever have what’s called “soft mouth.” This means they can car an object in their mouths, such as an uncooked egg, without breaking it.
  9. Goldens usually darken a little as they grow, reaching their truest shade when they’re approximately a year old.
  10. They are kind and extremely friendly, so if you’ve gotten Golden Retriever puppies for sale to be a watchdog of sorts, you won’t get your money’s worth! They’re just too sweet for that job!
  11. Keep a watchful eye on your Golden’s diet. They really love to eat and are prone to obesity.
  12. Golden Retrievers are their most active at dawn and dusk. This is most likely attributed to them being bred to rise early in the morning for hunting purposes. This is called being crepuscular.